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#CWTakesPride 2018 – Lynda Smith


Lynda joined Cushman & Wakefield in August 2014 as Senior Administrator for Corporate Services. In this role, Lynda is responsible for leading administrative and support functions, including travel, expenses, presentations and staff meetings. Prior to her time with Cushman & Wakefield, Lynda sold homes in a development and worked as a real estate agent.


Why is Pride Month important to you?

It gives a public forum to a group of people who traditionally were very private and not acknowledged and shows that the “times they are a changin.’”

Why is diversity important in the workplace?

Each person is gifted with a unique set of talents, and also weaknesses. We need a pool of people with different backgrounds, interests and education to fill in the weak areas for others and to shine with their own contributions. The wider the pool, the more talent available.

How can the workplace best support LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies?

By maintaining a positive space such as Unity so that there is no stigma to being LGBTQ+ or allied.

How do you celebrate Pride?

When I am able, I attend political rallies and Pride parades to show support.

Why is it important to self-identify at work as LGBTQ+ or an ally?

I want to be identified as an ally at work so that those in the community know there are safe places to speak honestly and openly.

What does it mean to be an ally at work, besides joining UNITY?

It lets my co-workers know that I am there to support them and they can speak freely. In our current political climate, I find myself holding my tongue on any issue, since I am never clear that my co-worker shares that opinion. This way, my co-workers know in advance that I am supportive. I am happy to be part of a company that would allow our LGBTQ+ co-workers to be comfortable at work.

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