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Cushman & Wakefield ENERGY STAR Heroes: Reduced Energy Consumption and Big Savings

By Katie Ross, LEED AP O+M, Senior Project Manager – Sustainability 

As ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for the past four consecutive years, Cushman & Wakefield continually seeks ways to make building operations and maintenance more efficient. Check out these three rock star buildings that have taken their energy performance to the next level with the help of ENERGY STAR.

1670 Broadway in Denver

hero blog 1Reducing energy consumption in a 700,000-square-foot building is no walk in the park. Cushman & Wakefield’s engineering and property management team at 1670 Broadway in Denver made reducing energy consumption a priority and knew they could do more to make the Class A office tower run even more efficiently. After completing a retro commissioning study of all energy-consuming systems, the team implemented many of the identified Energy Conservation Measures (ECM), including installing a new Energy Management System (EMS). This massive and impressive project is helping to maximize energy efficiency throughout the building, giving it an estimated energy savings of 2.6 million kWh annually. Within six months of implementing the ECMs and installing the new EMS, the building saw its energy consumption decrease by 20%. The building has kept the trend going and its ENERGY STAR score has increased from a 76 to its current score of an 89.

UPS Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) in Alpharetta

Hero blog 2Talk about saving big… Imagine adding $121,720 to your bank account in just one year by changing some light bulbs! Reducing energy consumption does not always need to come with a hefty price tag. The team at UPS Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) in Alpharetta, GA, implemented 56 ECMs in 2015 that cost less than $400. One of their most impressive achievements was completing a lighting retrofit project that replaced all the light bulbs throughout the facility at a cost of $2,900 after rebates. The team can happily say they implemented $205,700 worth of ECMs for less than half the price and that they also have continually improved ENERGY STAR score each year since 2006. Now, along with having a LEED EB v2009 Gold certification, the team at the UPS SCS building can boast about their  impressive ENERGY STAR score of 92 as well as the fantastic cost savings they have achieved.

Easton Way III in Columbus

Hero blog 3Last but not least, Cushman & Wakefield is proud to highlight the successes of Easton Way III, which recently won the GreenSpot Energy Challenge award after participating in the Columbus Energy Challenge, a free, voluntary program that helps and encourages participants to achieve energy efficiency. After monthly reviews of energy data, trends and analysis of utility bills, the Cushman & Wakefield property management team helped Easton Way III reduce energy consumption by a whopping 30.86%. Some simple ways they achieved this reduction were by adjusting start-up times and operation durations of building systems, installing occupancy sensors and replacing existing light fixtures with more efficient products.

The key component to each of these buildings’ success in energy reduction was their property management and engineering teams’ dedication and commitment. These teams learned that reducing energy doesn’t have to be challenging and certainly does not need to break the bank. After analyzing energy data, consumption trends and identifying ECMs, the Cushman & Wakefield property managers and engineering teams at these three buildings were able to reduce energy consumption while also saving big with implemented projects. Thanks to these ENERGY STAR Heroes, these buildings are running more efficiently than ever. Who are your ENERGY STAR Heroes, and what are they doing to make your building run more efficiently?

Katie Ross_white backgroundKatie joined Cushman & Wakefield in October 2012 and focuses on overseeing LEED projects and Cushman & Wakefield’s national ENERGY STAR program. She works with brokerage, capital markets, property management, and engineering to help educate our associates and clients on sustainability and energy efficiency trends.

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