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How will China’s economy affect the U.S. CRE Market?

By Ken McCarthy, Principal Economist, Applied Research Lead

China is transitioning from a government investment, export-driven model to a consumption-driven model, and that transition will continue to create choppiness in the global marketplace. Cushman & Wakefield Research has published How Will China’s Economy Affect the U.S. Commercial Real Estate Market? to provide information about the following topics and more:

  • How does this impact commercial real estate in the U.S.?
  • Is the Chinese economy in a recession?
  • What is happening to China’s currency and capital reserves?
  • How are these changes impacting global commodity prices?

Click through the full report below:

ken mccarthy

Ken has been with Cushman & Wakefield since August 2006. As Principal Economist, he works with the Chief Economist on Cushman & Wakefield’s U.S. economic position and presents it to the public. As Applied Research Lead, Ken is responsible for preparing cutting edge research about the outlook for commercial real estate in the Americas.

Be sure to follow Ken’s latest economic updates @KenMcCarthyecon

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