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Asset Services Achieves LEED Gold for NYC’s Heron Tower

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Cushman & Wakefield’s Asset Services and Sustainability Services divisions collaborated to achieve a LEED® Gold certification for Heron Tower, an asset owned by client Takenaka International. This is the first U.S. LEED project to acquire certification undertaken by Takenaka.

Takenaka’s target at Heron Tower was LEED Silver, and we are beyond pleased to have exceeded the expectation,” said Joseph McCausland, property manager. “The building team worked hard to find sustainability savings and areas of improvement, and our vendors and general contractors demonstrated their ability to meet the strict requirements set forth by the U.S. Green Building Council.”

Project Overview

Built in 1987, Heron Tower is a 154,000-square-foot office building located in the Plaza District of New York City. Cushman & Wakefield has managed Heron Tower since 1991.

The Challenge

Takenaka International wanted Heron Tower to become the first building in their portfolio to pursue and achieve a LEED designation, specifically targeting LEED Silver.

The Solution

Over a two-year period beginning in 2016, the following building improvements were made with strict adherence to Cushman & Wakefield’s sustainability policies:

  • Replaced 18 interior AC units
  • Replaced 100 of the 300 exterior PTAC units, with the remaining being replaced in 2018 and 2019 for a complete building retrofit
  • Updated existing plumbing fixtures to low-flow fixtures
  • Installed a building management system (BMS) that allowed for night setback and scheduling of AC units
  • Installed VFDs on condenser water pumps and cooling towers

Results Achieved

  • Obtained LEED Gold designation from the U.S. Green Building Council, exceeding initial goal of LEED Silver designation
  • Nominated for the BOMA Pinnacle Award for Operating Office Building of the Year
  • Achieved an ENERGY STAR® Score of 78, increasing the building’s prior score by 11 points
  • Realized the following savings:
    • 400-500 KW in electrical savings per month
    • Updated plumbing fixtures reduced potable water usage to 39% below the average baseline
    • Diverted 60% of ongoing waste (paper, glass, plastic, etc.) from landfills
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