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Adding Value with Preventive Maintenance Planning

By Lee Dunfee, CEM, CDSM, LEED AP, Senior Vice President

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Preventive maintenance can have different meanings to different individuals, but most can agree developing an excellent preventive maintenance plan can add real value to an asset. Let’s take a closer look. If a client asked, “How does Cushman & Wakefield approach preventive maintenance for our asset?” You would likely respond, “We use ABC software to manage preventive maintenance,” or, “we use XYZ vendor for that service.”

Here is a breakdown of alternative responses that demonstrate a meaningful approach to preventive maintenance and how it can add real value to an asset.

  1. Create and collect an inventory of all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing assets in the facility, starting with the largest equipment all the way down to the smallest, including VAVs, heat-pumps, and fan coils.
  2. Develop equipment-specific preventive maintenance procedures based on industry best practices, manufacturers’ recommendations, and Cushman & Wakefield’s resources. These work procedures will include safety practices, efficiency/commissioning best practices, and indoor air quality tasks to promote a wholesome indoor environment.
  3. Schedule the frequency of this checklist in an annual plan according to the manufacturers’ recommendations and industry best practices.
  4. Delegate and dispatch the management of tasks with a web-based application through mobile devices to create consistency and accountability. This data will help us understand the resources needed to complete this process and how we can improve efficiency.
  5. Incorporate predictive maintenance practices as needed, including oil and vibration analysis and infrared scanning.
  6. Consider any critical parts that may be needed for the asset. If a failure occurred, it could negatively impact a significant part of the facility.

A thoughtful preventive maintenance program can increase equipment reliability, improve efficiency, mitigate risk, promote safety, and create a more predictable life-cycle for the asset. Additionally, all of this information can be used to create a more accurate capital plan. That’s truly adding value in real estate!

In what ways do you provide solutions for preventive maintenance planning to increase value?


Dunfee_Lee croppedLee Dunfee serves as Senior Vice President overseeeing engineering operations in Cushman & Wakefield’s Eastern Region in the US. He works closely with city leaders, property managers and chief engineers to deliver best-in-class operations for our owners and tenants. This includes the development and implementation of industry best practices, project management, new business proposals, training and recruiting.

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