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15 Questions: Get to Know Sandra Boyle

Our 15 Questions series is back! Next stop: San Francisco to get to know Sandra Boyle, Senior Managing Director.

Sandra BoyleWhere did you grow up, and where do you live now?
I grew up just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on a 3-acre farm surrounded by many relatives. Family gatherings were an important part of my life with a big Irish/Italian family—I have 52 first cousins! I currently live in San Francisco, California, and have a home in Roseville, California.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a contractor, just like my father.

What was your first job?
My first full time job was with Alcoa in Pittsburgh. I started in customer service and eventually transferred to inside sales in New Orleans, then to Los Angeles selling aluminum sheet and plate.

Sandra Boyle Family What is the one thing in life you value most?
I value my family more than anything. As a single mother, raising them when they were young tested my commitment to both my family and my career. I am blessed with strong, successful children.

What time of day do you enjoy most?
5:30 AM

What about music?
Music has been a central part of my life since I began playing piano at five years old. I love absolutely every genre of music except rap and punk jazz.

What do you read today?
Reading is a passion of mine. I had to donate a library of over 1,300 books when we moved recently. At the time, I swore that all future books would be on our iPads, but the shelves in our library are loaded once again.

Favorite drink?
Wine, wine, wine! When I am feeling devilish, a dirty Ketel One vodka martini.

What is your favorite restaurant and vacation spot?
Palermo, Sicily, and all their local restaurants.

What is your favorite part about your job?
My favorite part is adding value to the commercial assets of our clients. I believe in doing more than babysitting a property, but identifying and creating value with a large team of professionals.

What is the one most important skill every person should have?
In our industry today, commercial real estate is an asset class in itself—one must have a very mature understanding of how to maximize real estate returns through effective management.

BOMA San Francisco Foundation CREATE EventWhat is one word you would use to describe your team?
Our Northern California team is exceptionally bright, experienced, and passionate about their work. I can’t choose just one word!

What advice would you give a young professional?

You cannot rely on the knowledge gained while in college to succeed in our industry—you must seek a mentor, study independently, and align your career in commercial real estate with a lifetime of learning.

What characteristic do you value most in your coworkers? Honesty.

Closing thoughts?
As we integrate legacy DTZ and legacy Cushman & Wakefield, we must lead with strong team building strategies among our new teams. Through strong communication and motivation, we’ll be able to share the vision of the new Cushman & Wakefield and our dedication to exceptional customer service.

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